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We suggest individuals visiting Sikkim to go to Tsomgo Lake (Changu) still, as it’s the place that one cannot afford to miss if visiting Sikkim. We’ve got tailored special tour packages for Tsomgo that are reasonable and cheap as compared to different Tsomgo travel packages offered by Tour operators and tour and traveling corporations.

You’ll be able to have the best experience in Tsomgo with our budget-friendly Tsomgo vacation packages.
Recently Tsomgo lake (Changu) has become an illustrious holidaymaker place in Sikkim among the locals and tourists from everywhere the planet.

A visit to Tsomgo Lake (Changu) offers you better of the expertise of your Sikkim tour and also the complete worth of your vacation tour packages.

About Alluring Tsomgo Lake (Changu)

The ethereally stunning Tsomgo (Changu) which suggests “source of water” in Bhutia language ( the Local language of Sikkim) lake is found thirty-eight km far away from the capital Gangtok on the Gangtok-Nathula road that forms a locality of the recent trade route from the Asian country to China.

This tranquil lake is placed at the peak of 12000 foot and is concerning 1 KM long, oval in form, 15 meters deep.

The lake gets crammed with pure and clean water from the melting snows of the mountains encompassing the lake.

Of breathless beauty, the lake appearance completely different in each season, in winter the peaceful lake remains frozen with space and mountains around it all lined in snow whereas in late spring the abundance of flowers in bloom covers the total area in marvelous colors and aroma around the lake.


Plan A Tsomgo Lake (Changu)

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